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-Take Comfort in These 2 Home Trends-

Home trends come and go, but our Tampa Bay real estate team knows that homeowners always seek comfort.  A comfortable atmosphere allows a homeowner to relax and destress from the outside world.  With the world events of recent times, it is no surprise that stylish comfort is trending in homes this year.

Top 2021 Home Trends for Frill and Chill

From open living spaces to cool designs, there are many options and styles for creating a comfortable vibe.  In 2021, people are finding comfort in cozy styles of the past as well as embracing modern-design perks to make chilling out at home more convenient.

  1. Adding Frilly Accents and Home Styles to Soothe the Soul.

One of the top trends of 2021 has been the return to frill.  Remember how cozy your grandma’s living room felt with blankets draped across furniture and a layer of softness over everything?  Well, many homeowners are seeking that feeling in their living spaces today.

Specifically, frilly home trends are including skirted and ruffled pieces, such as on chairs and couches. Curved designs and scalloped furniture edges are also making a comeback, which are a big contrast to recent decades of straight-edge pieces dominating the market.

In addition to furniture, general décor has become cozier with warmer colors, layered looks, and restored antique pieces. As many perfected their sewing skills during the 2020 pandemic, there has also been a resurgence in homemade crafts like frilly tablecloths warming up homes.

  1. Chilling Out in Open and Functional Spaces.

Not surprisingly, stay-at-home orders during the pandemic forced many Americans to evaluate their homelife. This sparked a hot real estate market of new homebuyers in 2021, but it also incentivized many other homeowners to make their current spaces more comfortable.

As one of this year’s biggest trends, multifunctional furniture is opening up living spaces.  This includes foldaway beds, storage ottomans, and mobile furniture. The most popular items include furniture with wheels like table carts that can be pushed around for a work-from-home project or moved to make space for an at-home yoga session. An especially innovative piece for 2021 is a modern-looking side table that doubles as an air purifier for cleanliness and functionality.

To chill out at home, savvy homeowners have also shifted to cool color schemes and ambient lighting. Many have also started downsizing unnecessary items in their home with the removal of clutter, which is an affordable way to create a more tranquil space and comfortable home life.

In terms of remodels, some homeowners are designing “health and wellness” rooms at home for relaxing activities like meditation or for safely working out instead of going to a gym.  As your Tampa Bay area real estate professionals, we can align you with interior design experts and contractors to help guide you through any home project for your current or future home.

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