Get Organized, Home Moving

– 10 Tips to Get Organized this Month –

Raise your hand if getting organized is one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2020. January is National Get Organized Month, and our real estate team has 10 terrific tips anyone can implement for a more organized home.

The professional organizing industry’s Get Organized Month is dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of organization. For starters, we are highlighting how home organization is an energizing way to start the New Year.

Simple Ways to Declutter, Organize, or Downsize

Whether you want to make your Florida home more organized, or you want to downsize into a new home of your dreams, here are 10 simple ways folks around the Greater Tampa Bay area can declutter and organize.

  1. Schedule a specific time. Make a schedule with set times to organize each specific area, such as the garage on Saturday morning. The key to success is staying focused until the task is completed. Set a timer if necessary, and play music to make the job more fun.
  2. Make future organization easier. Once a space is decluttered, consider ways to keep it more organized with hooks, shelves, or dividers to keep everything in an accessible place.
  3. Get rid of old storage bins. Take time to go through old storage bins sealed long ago; re-evaluate if those items are still worth keeping. Commit to consolidating and reducing the number of bins, and donate any leftover bins. This can create a ton of new space.
  4. Relocate out-of-season clothing. Why dig through cluttered drawers if you won’t need half the stuff for months. Pack in a bin or store on shelves, such as over top of your clothing rod.
  5. Make donations easier. Always keep a bag in your closet for easily adding items that do not fit or that no longer interest you. When the bag is full, place the bag in your car trunk so that you can drop off at a donation center when convenient.
  6. Eliminate clutter prone areas. Clean out and organize areas of clutter.  Then set rules like no junk mail in the junk drawer, or pre-divide dirty laundry in color bins in the laundry room.
  7. Store your sentimental stuff. Treasured photos and heirlooms are not needed every day, which is why it is important to preserve these items properly in acid-free bins or containers.
  8. Take out the trash. Toss or recycle rundown things that nobody in your home wants. This includes raggedy towels, old magazines, broken appliances, or obsolete tech items.
  9. Get paid for purging. Sell and make an actual profit on items you don’t use anymore by hosting a garage sale or by listing for-sale items on the Internet. Web platforms like eBay, Craig’s List, Nextdoor, and Facebook Marketplace are easy-to-use options.
  10. Contribute to the community. Donate furniture, appliances, and clothing you no longer need to a local non-profit. Your donations will be welcomed and appreciated across the Greater Tampa Bay area, and some of your donated items may be tax deductible.
We hope this helps you enjoy an organized and stress free 2020!  Organizing and decluttering could help prepare you for a move into a new home this year. Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 for information about buying, selling, and investing in Florida real estate.