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Set the Stage for Virtual Home Showings

-Set the Stage for Virtual Home Showings-

Virtual home showings are growing in popularity for homebuyers and home sellers alike.  Yes, in-person showings and tours still play a major role in the real estate process; however, the virtual home showing has become a great solution for today’s tech-driven world.

If you are not familiar with virtual showings, they are basically video tours of homes for sale.  The computer-generated simulation allows a potential buyer to virtually walk through and browse a listed property without ever having to step foot inside the home.

Virtual Tours and Personal Video-Walkthroughs

Clearly, it is no wonder why virtual virtual home showings have become common in this post-pandemic state of sanitizing and distancing. Savvy home sellers will want to set the stage for a great virtual showing, and our real estate team can help you with tips for every stage of preparation.

Stage 1: Declutter Your Home

Video can sometimes make rooms appear a bit smaller, which means there is no room for clutter in virtual home showings. It helps to re-arrange rooms and get rid of any unnecessary items or oversized pieces of furniture that might make the space seem too small.  Consider downsizing by getting rid of unnecessary furniture and uncluttering closets by donating to a local non-profit organization.

Additionally, depersonalize the space by removing things like family photos, pet toys, dog bowls, refrigerator magnets, and other items that may distract or turn-off a potential buyer. Also, consider packing up knickknacks that could clutter a space or draw attention away from the positive features of your home. Search our other articles for more helpful tips for downsizing and decluttering your home.

Stage 2: Make Your Home Sparkle and Shine

Much like an in-person showing, you will want to vacuum, mop, and dust to make sure viewers see your home in the best light. This also means you should put the dirty clothes in the hamper and remove any overflowing trashcans.

Additionally, consider pressure washing the front entrance and touching up paint to make your home appear fresh and clean. The right lighting is also crucial. You will want to turn on lights and open the blinds to brighten the space and highlight certain areas of the home when recording. Our real estate team can recommend when the best time of day is for sunlight and exposure in your unique home.

Stage 3: Showcase Home Features and Updates

The right features matter in today’s real estate market, and things like top-of-the-line appliances, quality windows and doors, new A/C or air-purifying technologies, and updated kitchens and baths will all help your home stand out from the crowd of other videos. Our real estate team can also help add a video voiceover or a “tour guide” to narrate details about the home or point out the best features for viewers to see during a video tour.

We look forward to helping you showcase your home’s features and helping you plan the best route to take through your home for creating a successful showing.

We help customers navigate all aspects of the real estate process. Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 for information about investing, buying, and selling homes in Florida.