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-5 Ways to Give Thanks Around Tampa Bay-

In homes across the Tampa Bay area, families will enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving and making plans for the holidays. This season is all about finding ways to give thanks and show kindness to our family and friends, but we believe that kindness can also extend to our communities.

Living and Giving in the Greater Tampa Bay Area

Kindly, our Tampa Bay real estate team has compiled these neighborly tips for local homeowners to support their communities across Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties:

  1. Shop a Small Business in YOUR Neighborhood:
    Take a break from the on-line shopping and stretch your legs browsing the holiday gift options at a local business or independently owned retailer. Smaller shops often carry unique items that are perfect for gifting. More than ever, due to recent events in the world, our local businesses need your support.
  2. Participate in a COMMUNITY Event:
    Generosity through activism comes in many forms – such as helping with a Pinellas beach clean-up, running a 5K to support a local cause, or organizing a school fundraising event. Giving opportunities are all around you. For inspiration, check with your nearest hospital, religious organization, or local news websites for information and calendars for upcoming community events.
  3. Give to a NEIGHBORHOOD Pantry:
    The food-focused holiday season is an important time to donate to local food pantries. Many churches accept food donations, and non-profits like Mattie Williams Neighborhood Family Center in Safety Harbor also need donations to help feed families in need. Notably, Feeding Tampa Bay is the largest food rescue and distribution organization in our area. Feeding Tampa Bay partners with neighborhood non-profits, such as The Community Food Pantry in Carrollwood, allowing you to provide meals and groceries for families in need in particular areas of the Tampa Bay region.
  4. Support a LOCAL Non-Profit that Speaks to You:
    From animal rescues to children’s charities, there is no shortage of volunteer opportunities when it comes to supporting a non-profit organization based in the Tampa Bay area. For example, we remain active in helping with monthly dinners for Operation Helping Hand, which provides support for the families of wounded and injured active-duty military.
  5. Take Time to Be a Good NEIGHBOR:
    You do not have to travel far to give thanks or show kindness. Showing your Tampa Bay neighbors that you care this holiday season could mean the world to them. Simply pay them a visit, chat them up about local happenings, offer a helping hand with something they need, or invite them to a holiday event. As real estate professionals helping people buy and sell homes, we understand the priceless value of a good neighbor.

As always, we strive to help build communities of happy homeowners supporting the greater good of the Greater Tampa Bay area. Whether making a donation, shopping local, or simply showing kindness, we hope this helps you find ways to give thanks around Tampa Bay.

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