The Latest Tools To Keep Your Home Running Smoothly!

Looking for cool new ways to keep your house in order? Some of these technology gadgets may seem futuristic but fulfill lots of useful tasks from turning on appliances to checking on the cat to watering your plants.

One Ring To Control Them All

Now here’s a ring that a Lord of the Rings fan can get behind. In line with the wearable trends today, the all-powerful RingZero can turn your TV, lights and appliances on and off and even lets you control a presentation. New actions are constantly being added and they are not limited to home use. You can even hail an Uber with it. $149.99

Check On Your Pets When You’re Away

Ever wonder what your pet does when you’re not around? Now you can find out with Petcube Camera, a video-camera system that gives you remote monitoring access to your furry pals. There’s a built-in mic in case you want to say hello or maybe to get off the couch. Or entertain your pet remotely with the pointer laser. The Petcube sells for $199.

Facial Recognition Home Security Camera

Think of the Netatmo Welcome camera as your home’s personal doorman. This security camera uses facial-recognition technology to alert you when friends or family members arrive—or it pings you when it sees a stranger. And the app can tell you exactly what time family members arrived, sending a message right to your smartphone, a smart feature for households with children or seniors. You can also switch to livestream viewing and privacy settings are customizable. $199.

Parrot H20 Plant WatererH20 Smart Pot Plant Feeders

Never kill another house plant again with this Bluetooth-enabled plant monitor. Just attach a water bottle and the H20 Smart Pot will access its database of over 7,000 plants to release the ideal amount of water. The Parrot company sells versions with and without the pot, starting at $59.

LG Twin Wash System

Attention multi-taskers—now you really can do two things at once thanks to LG’s new Twin Wash System, which was showcased in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. Yes, this washing machine also has a second washing unit beneath the larger main one. And because they don’t share water, each can be run simultaneously. Go ahead a wash a load of white towels and red shirts at the same time– but in separate wash tubs of course! WiFi-enabled? Of course, so you can start your washer on the go.

Haier Smart Window Refrigerator

The new Haier Smart Window fridge has already generated lots of buzz within the industry because of its sleek design and the smart window that illuminates the front panel when someone stands in front of it. So say goodbye to having to open your fridge each time to see what delicacies are waiting inside. The lighted panel disappears once you close the door or walk away. U.S. buyers will have to wait a while to get their hands on this model as no timing is yet set for its release here, but it sounds like it might be worth the wait.

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