Moving Plan Tips Snowbirds

-10 Moving Tips for Southbound Snowbirds-

September is in full swing, which means southbound snowbirds are flocking to their beloved Florida homes.  The Greater Tampa Bay area’s warm coastal communities offer the perfect nesting spots for retirees and southbound snowbirds looking to enjoy the sun and fun all winter long.

Our real estate team often sees a spike this time of year in seniors searching for a perfect new home around Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties.  We also realize many of our past customers are busy prepping for their annual move to their southern homestead.  For any southbound snowbirds looking for a more streamlined move between homes, here are some helpful tips.

Moving Plan and Checklist for Southbound Snowbirds
  • SET A PLAN: Start by making packing lists and preparing ahead of time to ease back into Florida life. Schedule moving trucks and travel itineraries in advance of departure.
  • ENSURE VACANCY: Verify the departure or exit of anyone renting or occupying your Florida property. No one wants to be surprised by unwanted occupants upon arrival.
  • TOUCH BASE: Call to connect with any friends or caretakers you had keeping an eye on your place. They could fill you in on neighborhood happenings and local conditions.
  • BE PROACTIVE: Before your departure, also ask the caretaker to check the entire property. That way you can be prepared for or address any issues before arrival.
  • TURN ON WATER: Water is essential. Be sure to ask your caretaker to turn on water valves and run water in all faucets for several minutes.
  • ACTIVATE UTILITIES: Call ahead to reactivate any utilities (water, electric, phone, cable, Internet, garbage, etc.) that had been shutoff when you left last spring.
  • RESTART SERVICES: Call ahead to reactivate mailing services, newspaper delivery, security services, pest control, landscaping, or any other services you’ll need.
  • ARRIVAL CHECK: Upon arrival to your Florida home, be sure to check interiors, exteriors, and security conditions of all windows and doors.
  • DOUBLE-CHECK UTILITIES: Walk through your Florida home to confirm all of the utilities and services have been properly activated. If not, contact your service provider.
  • CONFIRM OPERATIONS: Check condition of all appliances, lights, and the A/C unit. These are living essentials, especially air conditioning in Florida’s warm fall climate.

If you need additional help before or after your southbound move, we would be happy to align you with experts in a range of home and moving services. Our real estate team specializes in helping Florida seniors with moving between homes and enjoying the snowbird way of life.

It is our pleasure to align southbound snowbirds with experts across Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties. If you are a Florida resident needing help finding the perfect home or selling your current property, contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786.