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How Homeowners Handle Rainy Season

-How Homeowners Handle Rainy Season –

A true Tampa Bay homeowner knows summer is rainy season in Florida. Smart homeowners will take precautions not only to prepare for potential hurricanes, but also to handle those daily soakings of rain and nightly storms.

Recently, the Tampa Bay region has undergone some new flood mapping and zoning changes. That means local homeowners and potential homebuyers will want to review government websites for Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties for the most current information and resources.

For general protection, here are four focus areas for handling rainy season:

  1. INSURANCE: Most importantly, be sure you have proper home insurance coverage and flood insurance for your Tampa Bay property. Many local homeowners have had difficulties finding affordable coverage in recent months. Unfortunately, some insurers have raised rates, have pulled out of the state, have stopped accepting new business, or have gone out of business. It is important to research and begin the renewal process for insurance as early as possible to compare prices and prevent any loss or delay of coverage.
  2. SAFETY: During rainy season, even a brief thunderstorm can be a threat. Evaluate your home to make sure fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and flashlights are in working order.  Today, it is important to have a power bank or portable charging station ready to use for charging your phones and devices if power goes out in your home. The old weather radio also remains a go-to item for power outages.
  3. MAINTENANCE: One of the best preventative measures you can take is to keep the trees on your property trimmed throughout the season. Hire an arborist or professional tree service company to inspect trees and remove any limbs that are weak or could cause damage. For wind mitigation, it is also wise to install hurricane shutters, impact windows, and garage-door reinforcements.
  4. SECURITY: Just as you lock your door at night to prevent threats, it is wise to lockdown and secure any loose items around your property. That means limiting potentially windborne hazards like windchimes, flimsy furniture, grills, and swings. Importantly, straps on your exterior A/C unit, elevated A/C platforms, anchors on storage sheds, and a quality roof over your head are all smart and protective measures for Tampa Bay area homeowners.

As always, our professional real estate team can connect homeowners with experts to help you weather the storms in your current or future home.  For additional storm prep, The National Flood Insurance Program and FEMA’s Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration have websites explaining all precautions for hurricanes, high winds, rain, and flooding.

If you are considering a move, our team also offers booklets with the names of service providers recommended by satisfied customers. These valuable books of insights could help you – before, during, and after your move.

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