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– Pet-Friendly Home Design and Built-Ins –

In honor of National Pet Month, our Tampa Bay real estate team is recognizing the value of pet-friendly home design and built-ins.  As pet parents, the idea of creating cat and dog friendly homes is a topic close to our hearts.

Today, many buyers and sellers consider pet-friendly home features to be worth highlighting. From doggy dens to kitty climbers, here are a few ideas to consider for your fur-family home.

Building Spaces Designed for Dogs

For your best friends, consider adding custom built-ins.  A dog’s dream home includes safe and cozy sleeping spaces. Carve out a special nook or enclosed area with a comfortable mat, blanket, or pillow. An indoor doggy den built under a staircase or under a kitchen island could be a great use of space and a home addition your dogs can enjoy.

If you want to upgrade the pet-friendly features of a home, another popular home addition is a grooming station. Typically added to a mudroom, a grooming station could include a bathing bin, grooming stand, hooks for hanging leashes, and shelves for pet supplies and storage.

Adding Cat-Friendly Features for Florida Cats

Without a doubt, many cats consider themselves the kings and queens of the house. There is no better throne for the royal cat than a window seat. Built-in window seats appeal to cats as well as homebuyers. Although for the ultimate pet-friendly home design with value, consider adding a sunroom for Florida cats. For help, we can align you with Florida home experts.

More simply, you could add an indoor cat-climb with modern shelving. Safely space and securely hang shelves tiered up a wall to mimic a staircase for climbing. Be sure the shelves can handle your cat’s weight. Cat feeding shelves on walls are also popular for cats to jump up and eat meals high above the commoners in your house.

Pet-Friendly Spaces Around Tampa Bay

In addition to remodels and home updates, there are many other pet-friendly home design ideas to ensure pets feel like family. For example, stage a safe area for unrestricted playtime, including toys and ample space to frolic without fear of damaging household items.

Our real estate team along with our network of home experts would be happy to help you buy or sell your pet-friendly home in the Tampa Bay area.  Lucky for us, most Tampa Bay communities also boast pet-friendly destinations like parks, dog beaches, local pet services, pet supply stores, and even doggy dining.

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