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Pet-Friendly Questions to Ask Before Downsizing

-Pet-Friendly Questions to Ask Before Downsizing-

A pet-friendly moving plan is important, particularly when downsizing from a large home. You may be eager to trade in the oversized house for a luxury condo, but your furry family members may need a few questions answered before downsizing.

Lucky for you – our real estate team is here with answers and solutions for you, Fido, Kittie, and Birdie. We specialize in helping Florida seniors, retirees, empty nesters, and fellow pet parents prepare for downsizing and moving.

Pet-Friendly Communities Around Tampa Bay

We know all about the pet-friendly communities around Tampa Bay, but many come with their own sets of bylaws, rules, and ordinances.

In addition to home maintenance rules or HOA fees, owners may be restricted from having certain pets. It is important to ask about any rules and review all documents upfront to ensure you make the right decisions.

Depending on the home type and community settings, important questions may include:

  • Are there any pet bans, weight limits, or restricted breeds in the community?
  • Are there any HOA noise regulations with potential fines?
  • Are there other pets in the neighborhood or in nearby units?
  • Are there leash or crate requirements for pets in outdoor areas?
  • Are there fenced in areas or specific dog-walking areas in the neighborhood?
  • Are there any fence regulations for adding a fence to a yard or patio area?
  • Are there toxic fertilizers used on lawns or pesticides used in the buildings?
  • Are there cleared pathways and lighted areas for security during nightly walks?
  • And for fun, are there any dog parks or dog beaches near the community?
Tampa Bay Moving Plans and Spaces for Pets

As always, our Tampa Bay real estate team stays on top of community rules for customers with pets.

Although when moving, there are other things for you to ponder when transitioning from large homes to smaller houses, townhomes, villas, or condos with your pets:

  • Are floors slip-resistant and safe for pets, or will I need to change flooring or add gates?
  • Will noise or barking be a problem, and what can be done to mitigate the issue?
  • Where will be the best area for my pets’ food and water bowls?
  • Where will be the best space for a litter box, such as a bathroom or accessible closet?
  • Where will I create a window seat for my pet or a nook/resting area?

Let us help answer your questions and help plan for a seamless move. As fellow pet parents, we want you to enjoy a perfect home with your beloved cats, dogs, birds, and other furry friends.

In addition to buying and selling real estate, we may also offer suggestions or connect you with moving professionals, interior designers, and other experts in home matters.

Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen today at 813-294-5786 for pet-friendly advice on downsizing, moving, investing, buying, or simply selling your Florida home.