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6 Reasons to Downsize Your Empty Nest

- 6 Reasons to Downsize Your Empty Nest - Empty nesters have plenty of reasons to downsize. Making the decision to move to a smaller home and discard years of accumulated items, however, is not always easy. Not only did we downsize to a…
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Mortgage Solutions for Florida Homeowners

-Mortgage Solutions for Florida Homeowners- Florida homeowners across the Greater Tampa Bay area are venturing back into society as communities rebound from closures and restrictions. Not bouncing back as quickly is economic stability.  Fortunately,…
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10 Outdoor Dining and Décor Ideas

-Outdoor Dining and Décor- Let’s talk about stylish options for outdoor dining at home in Florida. As folks across Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties continue to search for creative ways to entertain ourselves at home, it makes sense…
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5 Timely Tips for Energy-Efficient Homes

-5 Timely Tips for Energy-Efficient Homes- Folks across the Greater Tampa Bay area might notice their energy bills going up in costs due to higher than normal usage.  Why, you ask? Many Floridians are spending more time at home due to the…
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8 Tips for Seniors Springing into a New Home

-8 Tips for Seniors Springing into a New Home- Perhaps you are downsizing for your retirement years, or maybe you are looking to join a Tampa Bay community for active seniors. Whatever your reason for moving, we have some terrific tips for…
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5 Stylish Types of Homes in Tampa Communities

-5 Stylish Types of Homes in Tampa Communities- You might see a house you love because of its style or architecture, but imagine falling in love with an entire neighborhood of stylish homes.  This can happen in the Tampa Bay area, which offers…
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Warm Winter Events across Tampa Bay

-Warm Winter Events across Tampa Bay- While other parts of the country are scaling back on outdoor events, the Greater Tampa Bay area is heating up with a variety of outstanding festivals and winter extravaganzas. Our real estate team has listed…
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5 Tips for National Good Neighbor Day

-5 Tips for National Good Neighbor Day- Hey, neighbor.  Get ready to celebrate National Good Neighbor Day on September 28. This lesser known holiday dates back to the 1970s, when President Jimmy Carter proclaimed a day to recognize the benefits…
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Tampa’s 3 Hot Real Estate Communities

- Tampa’s 3 Hot Real Estate Communities - As the Greater Tampa Bay Area enters our hottest days of summer, we are highlighting the hottest types of real estate communities around Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties. Tampa Area Benefits…
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Suburban Growth Surrounds Tampa Bay

-Suburban Growth Surrounds Tampa Bay- The Greater Tampa Bay Area is experiencing continuous growth from Pasco County down to South Hillsborough County.  Here are highlights about developments around Riverview, Apollo Beach, Wesley Chapel,…
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20 Dog-Friendly Spots around Tampa Bay

-20 Dog-Friendly Spots around Tampa Bay- May is National Pet Month, which is a perfect time to celebrate the joys of pet ownership.  There are both psychological and physiological benefits to bonding with a pet. Studies show that petting a…
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Top 10 Tampa Places to Get Fit

Top 10 Tampa Places to Get Fit - The New Year is fast approaching, and many of us are looking for ways to get fit and improve our health in 2019.  There are countless fitness options for those of us living around Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater,…
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Less Stress in Homes with Pets

Did you know pets could help lower your stress levels and ward off depression?  Anyone with a cuddly cat or beloved dog in the family has figured that already, but there are studies confirming the stress-reducing power of pets. Positive…
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7 Tips for Two-Nested Snowbirds

If you are a snowbird with two nests, you know it takes meticulous planning and organization to maintain your northern home and your Florida home.  We’ve compiled a list of easy tips for snowbirds to refine, divide, and conquer the issue…
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Tampa Bay’s Best Water Activities

The best part about living on Florida’s coast is we have some of the most beautiful beaches and waterways in the world.  Anything involving water is wonderful for cooling down and enjoying Florida in August.  Whether you want to spend a…
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Accommodate Houseguests with Ease

If you’ve had family or friends in town visiting for a long weekend or an extended time, you know they can play a significant role in daily life. Houseguests can also be a key factor when making decisions on purchasing new real estate and…
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5 Ways to Mark Memorial Day Your Way

As a time of remembrance, Memorial Day has many connotations.  For children, it is often synonymous with outdoor events and splashing in swimming pools. For adults, Memorial Day may be more solemn, as we remember the men and women who died…
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10 Tips for Pet-Perfect Homes

Would you believe there was a time when homeowners wanted to conceal all traces of the pets living in their homes? As pet parents, we are happy to say that pet-friendly environments can actually be a value-added feature of your home.  For example,…