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10 Outdoor Dining and Décor Ideas

-Outdoor Dining and Décor- Let’s talk about stylish options for outdoor dining at home in Florida. As folks across Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties continue to search for creative ways to entertain ourselves at home, it makes sense…
Heart Healthy Home
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4 Tips for a Heart-Healthy Home

-4 Tips for a Heart-Healthy Home- Home is where the heart is, which is why we are celebrating American Heart Month.  Our Tampa Bay area real estate team is offering a fun list of ideas to create a happy and healthy home. Of course, running…
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4 Tips for Tampa Home Sellers with Pets

-4 Tips for Tampa Home Sellers with Pets- Selling a Tampa Bay area home with the help of a real estate professional can be a simple and streamlined transaction, but home sellers with pets have a few extra steps to take for the showing process. …
Storage, Tips for Moving, Boxes
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Florida Home Storage Tips and Solutions

-Florida Home Storage Tips and Solutions- A Florida home with plenty of storage options is important to snowbirds, empty nesters, and most other Floridians.  We all do our best to donate items and keep our homes clear of clutter, but there…
Get Organized, Home Moving
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10 Tips to Get Organized this Month

- 10 Tips to Get Organized this Month - Raise your hand if getting organized is one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2020. January is National Get Organized Month, and our real estate team has 10 terrific tips anyone can implement for a…
Tampa Home Real Estate
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How to be a Safety Savvy Senior 

-How to be a Safety Savvy Senior - Among the many jobs homeowners have to do, safety management is top of the list, particularly for seniors.  Arthritis, fatigue, medical conditions, and unforeseen injuries can all enhance our needs for a…
Time-Change, Clock
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6 Home Savvy Tips for the Fall Time-Change

-Fall Time-Change and 6 Home Savvy Tips- Homes around the Greater Tampa Bay Area are bustling with activity this time of year.  Holiday decorating, party plans, and endless to dos are top of mind.  The fall time-change is fast approaching,…
Cool Down
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7 Summer Tips for a Cooler Home

- 7 Summer Tips for a Cooler Home - It is not always easy to keep your home cool, especially with the Greater Tampa Bay Area seeing record heat advisories this summer.  Undoubtedly, air conditioning is essential in Florida. Our state has high…
Tampa Rainy Season Storm
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Tampa Storm Preparedness Events and Tips

- Tampa Storm Preparedness Events and Tips - Florida homeowners around Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties are preparing for potential storms and hurricanes this summer.  With the right education and preparation, you may find peace…
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7 Homeowner Tips for Earth Day

-7 Homeowner Tips for Earth Day- We’re joining countries around the world to celebrate Earth Day on April 22. This year’s Earth Day centers on nature’s gifts to our planet and the protection of Earth’s millions of species. As homeowners,…
Tampa Pet
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6 To-Dos before Hiring Pet Sitters

-6 To-Dos before Hiring Pet Sitters- In honor of Professional Pet Sitters Week, celebrated March 3-10 this year, our real estate team has compiled a list of ideas and tips for making sure your pets are properly cared for when you’re not at…
Tampa Bay Festivities
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New Year’s Eve Ideas for Tampa Bay

New Year’s Eve Ideas for Tampa Bay - Many Florida homeowners look forward to watching the ball drop from the comfort of their own living room.  Others, however, enjoy making big plans for a night on the town.  To help with the planning,…
Holiday Tips Homeowners
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Holiday Tips for Happy Homeowners

Homeowners across Florida and the nation are preparing their homes for holiday meals, parties, and house guests. Our dining rooms, kitchens, and guestrooms often see a major increase in activity this time of year, which is why we have compiled…
Rest. Bedroom, Home
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10 Restful Tips for Your Bedroom

It seems that sleep is top-of-mind when the November time-change rolls around for Floridians.  The right amount of sleep can help you enjoy a healthy and happy life, and a bedroom designed to enhance relaxation can do wonders for achieving…
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5 Simple Steps towards Home Buying

Fall in Florida is an opportune time for home buying.  Not only is the weather perfect for tours and showings, but purchasing a home before the end of the year allows homebuyers to qualify for money-saving Homestead Exemptions and other tax…
Pet Dog Tampa
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7 Tips for Responsible Pet Parents

The American Kennel Club has designated the month of September as “Responsible Dog Ownership Month.”  In recognition of this celebration, people and organizations around the U.S. are highlighting the rewards and responsibilities of being…