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-10 Tips to Lighten Up for Springtime in Tampa-

If you’ve been overwhelmed by the doom and gloom of news reports, or if you find yourself simply spending more time indoors – here are ways to lighten up your homes.  With a fresh new season and extended hours of sunlight, now is actually a perfect time for Floridians around the Tampa Bay area to focus on our homes. These simple tips can help whether your home is in need of a deep clean, or you are deeply inspired to clean-up your décor with the latest trends.

Simple Springtime Tips for Tampa Bay Homeowners

  1. Springtime Cleaning: Make your home feel refreshed for spring. A deep cleaning can also help disinfect your home to support your family’s health and protect against the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses (such as colds, the flu, and that nasty Coronavirus). Tis the season to put on the gloves, grab the sanitizers, and put some elbow grease into it.
  2. Lighten Your Load: Apply the idea of out-with-the old before in-with-the-new. Start with downsizing and cleaning, and then enjoy organizing and updating your home for spring.
  3. Clear Out the Clutter: Clear out empty boxes, winter clothing, old knickknacks, and other things around the house, in closets, or around the garage that you don’t need.
  4. Brighten Your Inner Light: Enjoy the pleasure of donating items to others. Take gently used items you no longer need to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other charitable causes around the Greater Tampa Bay area.
  5. Shine and Polish: Certain neglected areas could greatly benefit from a good dusting or seasonal polishing. For example, consider shining up your baseboards and doors with a specialty polish or perhaps a new coat of paint.
  6. Set a Spring Vibe: Add traditional spring styles and colors to your spaces, such as pastel hues, sunny yellows and greens, and light floral designs. It could be as simple as adding a few pastel pillows and a vibrant vase of flowers, or as elaborate as brand new furnishings and new paint colors on the walls to freshen up your spaces.
  7. Trendy Updates: Pantone named “Classic Blue” its color of the year for 2020. Blue can add a tranquil, relaxing vibe to your Florida home. Let our real estate pros know if you would like us to connect you with a local interior designer to help with a remodel.
  8. Take on Cool Projects: Cool down your home with upgrades like awnings, overhangs, or shrubbery to block sunrays from overheating your home.
  9. Opt for Lighter Fabrics: Spring is a time to store those heavy rugs and take down layered drapery. Bring out the lighter fabrics, such as cotton accents, canvas rugs, and sheer curtains to let in the spring sunlight.
  10. Get Some Sun: Go outside to start a landscaping project. The heat and humidity are more bearable now in Florida than during the rainy summer months. Apply sunscreen and head out to enjoy a day of sprucing up your lawn or starting a spring garden.

We hope these ten tips help Floridians lighten up your homes and liven up your spirits for springtime. It would be our pleasure as full-service real estate professionals to align you with local experts to assist with home matters, interior design, and landscaping projects this spring.

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