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As America celebrates its birthday this month, we think about the American dream.  That dream is home ownership for many people, and there is nothing better than finding a dream home. Many of us have driven down a street and thought, “I love that house.”  Certain architectural elements and home styles simply speak to us.

Various home styles are unique to certain regions, while other styles are widely popular across America. For example, the Cape Cod style originates from English colonists settling in New England during the 17th century, but today you can find Cape Cod homes and cottages from coast to coast.

Local materials and weather conditions often play a role in which styles dominate certain regions. An ideal Florida home would be built to withstand heat, humidity, and volatile storms. As we all know, however, style often overshadows necessity.  From colonial to contemporary, Florida boasts a broad selection of house plans to fulfill anyone’s dream-home desires. We’ve detailed five fantastic architectural styles that you can find around the Greater Tampa Bay area.

  • Bungalow: Tampa locals may immediately think of Seminole Heights when it comes to traditional bungalows. Many of our area’s historic bungalows date back to Tampa’s real estate boom of the early 20th  Bungalows radiate charm and historical flair with big front porches, decorative moldings, hardwood, chandeliers, and other accents.
  • Art Deco: Also dating back to the early 20th century, Art Deco design has influenced everything from fashion to architecture. Art Deco often brings to mind Miami Beach, pastel colors, and tropical vibes.  Art Deco homes are built with geometric boldness in mind. These are eye-catching, stucco-surfaced blocks with a series of geometric shapes, some of which are setback to give a staggered profile.  The sleek squares and rectangles often include rounded corners and decorative outlines.
  • Mediterranean: Classic yet modern, Mediterranean homes stand in several neighborhoods across our region. You’ll find them along grandiose Bayshore Boulevard and suburban side streets alike. Originating in old-world countries lining the Mediterranean Sea (Spain, Italy, France), these residences feature a stucco exterior, red tile roof, arched doorways, and high ceilings. A popular construction choice for open design plans, these homes often boast exterior overhangs providing shade over spacious outdoor patios. What Floridian wouldn’t love that?
  • Beach Houses: Locals and tourists love our ample selection of seaside homes. The raised up style often features stilts with a first-level parking area. This provides a towering profile and increases height for water views.  Importantly, the stilts also offer safety from potential rising waters.  Whether situated on the Hillsborough River, a suburban lake, or the Gulf of Mexico, Florida beach houses are ideal for coastal living.
  • Ranch: Ranch-style houses are quite popular across the Tampa area, especially in the suburbs like Carrollwood.  In your mind, you might picture the Golden Girls’ television home in Florida with that long, one-story, low-to-the-ground silhouette and big picture windows. What most of us love about ranch homes is that they often feature one or more sliding-glass doors inviting you to enjoy a big patio and a glistening pool.

We’ve barely touched on the wonderful building concepts available throughout our area.  From craftsman to country, Florida has home styles to suit all tastes.  Our team specializes in helping Floridians buy and sell homes.  We also enjoy connecting customers with other experts in home matters and design. Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 for more information.