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Less Stress in Homes with Pets

Did you know pets could help lower your stress levels and ward off depression?  Anyone with a cuddly cat or beloved dog in the family has figured that already, but there are studies confirming the stress-reducing power of pets. Positive…
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7 Tips for Two-Nested Snowbirds

If you are a snowbird with two nests, you know it takes meticulous planning and organization to maintain your northern home and your Florida home.  We’ve compiled a list of easy tips for snowbirds to refine, divide, and conquer the issue…
Tampa Real Estate
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Tampa’s Real Estate Climate - Sept. 2018

We are entering the fall season in Florida, but there continues to be hot weather.  You might be asking if Tampa's real estate market is still hot.  We have a bit of a "yes" and "no" answer. First, several analyses of housing market trends…
Tampa Golf
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How Tampa Locals Play Tourist

Homeowners across Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and surrounding areas have many reasons to love Florida life on a year-round basis. People from around the world come to our area for fantastic adventures and waterfront tranquility.  Generally,…
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7 Tips for Responsible Pet Parents

The American Kennel Club has designated the month of September as “Responsible Dog Ownership Month.”  In recognition of this celebration, people and organizations around the U.S. are highlighting the rewards and responsibilities of being…
Fall Florida Homes
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4 Fall To-Do Ideas for Floridians

Floridians have many reasons to love the fall.  First, it signifies better weather is on the way with less rain and moderate temperatures. Second, for parents and grandparents, fall means the kids are preoccupied with back-to-school activities.…
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3 Things to Do Labor Day Weekend

Florida's weather is still sizzling hot, but we seem to consider Labor Day as the end of summer.  Celebrated on the first Monday in September, Labor Day ushers in a new school year, hectic fourth-quarter schedules, and a feeling of a new season. In…
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7 Safety Essentials for Florida Seniors

Florida’s senior population continues to grow as baby boomers head south to make savvy investments in Florida’s hot real estate market.  As real estate professionals, we uniquely specialize in helping seniors downsize and find homes to…
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5 Top Trends for Florida Rooms

Floridians live in a vacation paradise, and it makes sense for us to create spaces in our homes that exude a vacation vibe.  A great way to do this is by designing a Florida room or creating a serene, spa-like room to enjoy during your staycations…
Tampa Pets
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4 Easy Donation Items for Pet Shelters

Did you know there are items around your home to give to local pet shelters?  Most people know shelters and rescue centers are always in need of monetary donations and fresh food supplies, but there are also household items you could donate…
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5 Florida Gardening and Landscaping Tips

Guest Contributor: Sarah Bacon, Master Gardener & Community Herbalist ~ There are countless reasons to love living in Florida.  Towards the top of the list is the ability to grow lush gardens. Florida’s climate allows you to grow…
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5 Dream Home Styles For Floridians

As America celebrates its birthday this month, we think about the American dream.  That dream is home ownership for many people, and there is nothing better than finding a dream home. Many of us have driven down a street and thought, “I love…
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5 Communities to Suit Your Lifestyle

Choosing the right neighborhood is as important in finding a home as choosing the right number of bedrooms. Some find this an easy choice, while others need to explore for a neighborhood that feels right. We appreciate the differences in our…
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How to Enjoy a Sensational Snowbird Life

Snowbirds truly enjoy the best of both worlds.  They delight in pleasant northern summers and reap the vast benefits of Florida the rest of the year.  The Tampa Bay area’s beaches and sunshine attract snowbirds from around the country, which…
Tampa Rainy Season
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10 Ways to Be Ready for Rainy Season

Floridians are masters at taking the good with the bad when it comes to weather. We enjoy winters that bring snowbirds from all over the north to enjoy the sunny skies and warmth. The rough patch we must all get through, however, is hurricane…
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5 Ways to Mark Memorial Day Your Way

As a time of remembrance, Memorial Day has many connotations.  For children, it is often synonymous with outdoor events and splashing in swimming pools. For adults, Memorial Day may be more solemn, as we remember the men and women who died…
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10 Tips for Pet-Perfect Homes

Would you believe there was a time when homeowners wanted to conceal all traces of the pets living in their homes? As pet parents, we are happy to say that pet-friendly environments can actually be a value-added feature of your home.  For example,…
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Fun Financial Investments for Homeowners

There’s an old saying that April showers bring May flowers.  Considering that a large percentage of Americans receive tax refunds at this time a year, it seems that April refunds bring May shoppers. As you weigh options for spending your…
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10 Home Buying Tips for Seniors

Florida is a magnificent place for seniors and retirees to buy and sell homes.  As real estate professionals, we work to make the entire process as easy and seamless as possible for our customers: from snowbirds looking for beachfront condominiums…
Pet Dog Tampa
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7 Essentials for Pet Care

We consider pets to be part of the family, which is why our real estate team enjoys talking with customers about ways to keep pets healthy and happy in our homes.  Smart homeowners often create an overall health plan for their pets as recommended…

Six Super Gifts for the Home This Holiday Season!

Stores across the surrounding Tampa area are offering discounts galore on new gadgets, electronics, and gifts for your family and friends this holiday season. There are plenty of pragmatic and fun home gifts to consider this year. Here are…
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Market Trends for Summer 2017

The Greater Tampa Bay area started the year positioned for an exciting 2017 real estate market. So far, it has not disappointed. Home prices continue to trend upward, and the spring months lived up to expectations for sales partly thanks to…
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Summer Style for Your Home

Summer is traditionally a time for outdoor fun, but it can also be a great time for Floridians to make interior updates to their homes. Perhaps you recently purchased a new home in the Carrollwood area of Tampa, or maybe you need to make updates…
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Tips for Merging Two Homes

Wedding bells are ringing across Florida, which means many couples are on the hunt for the perfect home to share. The home buying and moving process is enjoyable for many couples excited to intertwine their home lives together.  But it can…
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Trends for Springing Forward

The sun is setting later and flowers are in bloom.  Spring inspires us to look forward to new beginnings, which is why it’s a perfect time to clean, update and refresh your home. In addition to “spring cleaning” your home, many people…