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Ideas for a Florida Patio, Lanai, or Deck

-Ideas for a Florida Patio, Lanai, or Deck-

Our Tampa Bay real estate team has valuable tips to get your Florida patio, lanai, or deck ready for summer. We suggest a variety of ideas for homeowners. Consider these tips if you are looking to invest in outdoor areas of a large home or wanting to enhance smaller patios and lanais outside a condo or a townhouse.

  1. Pressure Wash Exteriors and Enhance the Greenery

First, you want to start with a clean space. Most outdoor furniture exposed to the elements will need a good scrubbing this time of year. Also, decks may need a new application of stain.

Specifically, pressure wash cement or patio pavers to remove any mold, dirt, and residue from springtime pollen. As an upgrade, browse for the latest in outdoor flooring options. Some natural stones offer high-heat resistance to help repel sunlight instead of absorbing it.

Once you have your exteriors sparkling, it’s time to add tropical plants to enhance the greenery. Real estate investments in landscaping can add value while creating a beautiful setting.

  1. Optimize Outdoor Seating and Add Sun Protection

Next, you will want to arrange chairs and outdoor seating that is comfortable for lounging or dining. The options are limitless for outdoor dining tables, chaise lounges, and comfy furniture with weather-proof seat cushions. Notably, in the Sunshine State, large umbrella tables are among the best choices for sun protection and reducing heat.

As an investment in your home, consider your options for awnings. There is great value in a Florida patio or lanai with covered spaces or retractable awnings for sun protection. This can effectively extend the square footage of your home’s living space to your outdoor areas.

  1. Add Cool Décor and Invest in Special Features

For chilling out, a patio fan or mister could help keep you and your guests cool in Florida’s heat. Rotating fans and swaying palms are also great for making your Florida patio or lanai feel super tropical.  Add some outdoor rugs in bright colors and outdoor wall art on your back exterior wall to set the mood for a Florida summer.

As for special features, consider investing in an outdoor kitchen. Also, a great way to complement a Florida patio or deck is to install a new pool or repaint your current pool.

If those home features do not fit in your budget, there are plenty of alternatives. Consider your options for tranquil water features in small spaces, such as a flowing fountain or a water wall to add ambiance outside your Tampa Bay home, villa, condo, or townhouse.

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