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Holiday gift buying can be time-consuming and expensive for many homeowners on a budget, but there are affordable options for homemade gifts you can create in the comfort of your own home. Rather than running around Tampa area malls or wandering crowded stores searching for unique gifts, consider making some of these homemade presents for your friends, family, and neighbors.

  • Cookies and Baked Goods: Homemade holiday treats are a timeless gift idea. We bet you remember your mom or other family members making huge trays of cookies this time of year, and many of them probably gave out the surplus as presents and hosting gifts. Homemade goodies are always well received, but you may add a special touch by placing items in a specialty tin or a decorated container for the recipient. For example, you could decorate an empty foil or plastic wrap container with colorful wrapping paper and neatly pack it with a row of holiday cookies.
  • Accessories and Décor: Most homeowners will appreciate home accessories, accents, and other items for their home.  Consider making personalized items, such as painted wine glasses for your neighbor with a fancy for vino.  Glass painting kits, enamel paints, and stencils are available in art supply stores for this fun project. The idea is to think of what a person loves, and figure out a way to personalize it for them.
  • Knitted and Handmade Items: This is your time to shine if you enjoy a productive hobby like knitting, crocheting, embroidering, or weaving. Nothing makes a person feel more “at home” than cozying up with a knitted blanket during the holiday season. For quick items for your fellow Floridians, however, consider small things like an embroidered pillow, knitted book covers, crochet phone cases, or knitted coasters for absorbing the sweat off our iced beverages.
  • Gift Baskets and Gift Boxes: Depending on your budget, the ideas for gift baskets are endless. All you need is a basket or a box. Then you fill it with whatever the recipient loves, whether that’s tea, chocolates, or candles.  The trick is to create a theme.  For example, create “The Perfect Christmas Morning” by adding cozy socks, a holiday mug, coffee beans, and biscotti for dipping. If someone you know likes cooking, create a basket with a cookbook, utensils, and ingredients for a special dish.  For a professional vibe, don’t just throw everything into the bottom of the basket. Rather, you should aesthetically stack items on top of a filler or tissue paper, and then wrap the entire basket or box in clear or colorful cellophane.  Finally, tie it with a big bow.

As professional realtors, we understand you enjoy time at home.  Whether you’ve recently moved, or you have been living in your dream home for many years – we hope you spend as much time as possible enjoying your home this holiday season.  We would also be happy to align you with local experts to assist with a range of home projects now or in the New Year.

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