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-3 Steps for Moving on as Empty Nesters-

Empty nesters experience a range of emotions in the months or even years after their children have left home. Wonderfully, moving on to new places or simply moving things around can bring great benefits for empty nesters during this time of transition.

As Tampa Bay real estate experts and specialists in downsizing, our team has a few tips for empty nesters and retirees ready to take steps for an improved home life.

Step 1: Get Organized for New Opportunities

Fittingly, Get Organized Day is celebrated April 26, making now a perfect time to commit to cleaning up and getting organized.  Psychologically, clutter can cause excessive stimulation and create negative feelings of guilt or anxiety in the brain for some people.  Empty nesters, particularly, may feel the effects of items left behind by their children.  Cleaning out old bedrooms and getting rid of clutter can clear the mind and clear the way for new opportunities.

Step 2: Enlist the Help of Others when Downsizing

Remember, you do not have to do it all on your own. It can be difficult to sort through years of accumulated stuff. Request for your kids to come home and help sort through items to keep, save, or toss. If that is not an option, reach out for resources across the Greater Tampa Bay area to assist you with cleaning, organizing, moving, donating, or selling items for a profit.  Yes, you can make money from your unwanted stuff via online platforms, garage sales, or estate sales. Simply contact our real estate team for referrals to local services, estate-sale professionals, movers, and others to handle the process for you. Also, we offer helpful booklets with the names of reputable companies and providers that our satisfied customers recommend.

Step 3: Consider Moving to a New Home

Finally, once all that clutter is out of the way, you may realize you do not need as much space, nor the hassle of maintaining such a large property. Moving from a big home to a smaller, one-story house, villa, townhouse, or condo can be an easy process with the right support.

Wonderfully, moving on can offer something for everyone. You may decide to relocate to a condo closer to where your grown children have moved.  Others may be looking for more fun in their lives, such as Tampa Bay’s active-living communities with extra perks like swimming pools, golfing, tennis, gyms, and other amenities.

We specialize in helping empty nesters, seniors, snowbirds, and retirees discover the joy and freedom of transitioning to the ideal Florida lifestyle. We would be happy to provide you with strategies and align you with the right support to downsize into wonderful homes in the most desirable locations throughout Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties.

Our real estate team can connect you with service providers, movers, bankers, and even attorneys to simplify every detail of downsizing, selling, investing, and buying a new home. Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 for professional real estate advice.