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-8 Healthy Tips for National Dog Day-

Tampa Bay’s Dog Days of Summer might be coming to a close, but our real estate team is gearing up to celebrate National Dog Day on August 26th.  Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend, and we believe it is important to take care of our furry friends. Here are suggestions for keeping your dog healthy in a happy home.

Ways for Tampa Bay Homeowners to Protect the Health of Your Pets

In addition to playtime and treats, quality healthcare is essential for your household pets.  Following diet plans, vaccination schedules, and other preventative health measures can help your dog live a longer life.

  • Consult with your veterinarian for comprehensive health instructions for your unique pet. Your vet is the best source of guidance for caring for your dog. Mark your calendars and set reminders for six-month or one-year check-ups.
  • Depending on the location of your home, check with Hillsborough, Pinellas, or Pasco Counties for vaccinations, boosters, and immunization requirements.
  • Dogs and other domestic pets should be given their first vaccines around six weeks of age and before being brought into your home. Schedules then vary to include Rabies Virus, Distemper, Bordetella, Parvovirus, Leptospira, and Canine Parainfluenza.
  • Follow a care plan tailored to your pet’s breed, lifestyle, and age. In addition to offering guidance for overall health, your Tampa Bay area vet will likely recommend a heartworm-prevention program, such as a pill or chewable medication.
  • In Florida, flea and tick control is also an important part of your pet’s healthcare plan. Your vet may recommend pills or topical medications suited for your dog.
  • Dogs are food-focused, which makes it important to follow a predictable feeding routine to help your pet feel secure about food supply. Your vet will be able to provide recommendations for brand name pet foods. It will be your job to keep an eye out for any issues and alert your vet to any change in eating habits or digestive problems.
  • Encourage your dog to enjoy physical activities, such as long walks, running, or playing in the yard. Inside your home, it is also important to provide safe space for exercise. Safety may be a concern with tile or hardwood flooring due to slipperiness. Add non-slip tape, carpet, or a runner for traction in certain areas or on stairs to prevent risks.
  • Hygiene and grooming are important for overall health. Different dog breeds require different care for skin, coat, nails, ears, and teeth.  Check with your vet or a groomer regarding appropriate bathing and grooming schedules. Also, remember to wash, sanitize, or throw away old toys and dirty bedding that could have lingering bacteria.

As your pet-friendly real estate team, we would be happy to help you sell your property or find a perfect home to enjoy with your beloved pets. We may also offer suggestions or connect you with professionals to help with a variety of home matters. Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen today at 813-294-5786 for more information.