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-Organizing Tips for a Welcoming Home-

Greeting guests in a large home for a big dinner or a holiday stay is a joy, but a few organizing tricks may be needed to create a more welcoming home in smaller spaces. Our Tampa Bay real estate team has tips for seniors in small condos, families in little houses, and all the homeowners in between wanting to be great hosts and hostesses.

Whether organizing a formal dinner for your extended family or welcoming out-of-town guests for an extended stay, we hope these ideas enhance your holidays.

Home Organization, Planning, and Greeting Guests

Yes, a “welcome mat” will greet guests, but the key to opening the door to a welcoming home is home organization. Start by planning ways to clear space for greater comfort.

Opening space in a home begins with deep cleaning and decluttering areas. That means getting rid of stacks of old magazines, clearing counters of unnecessary products, storing any small appliances that will not be needed, and placing personal items in closets or drawers.

In terms of spatial strategies, consider re-arranging furniture for better flow. If needed, put bulky furniture or accent tables in a spare room to create extra space for guests during events. Most importantly, be sure to clear high-traffic walkthrough areas for guests to easily move from room to room. Ease in movement will enhance the feeling of a welcoming home.

Hosting Parties, Dinners, and Houseguests

Organization is essential for hosting parties, holiday events, or dinners in a welcoming home. From the dining room to the deck, an organizational strategy is important.

For indoor or outdoor dinner parties, a formal seating chart is one of the most convenient ways to organize a space and designate specific seats. Seat place-cards will also help make guests feel more comfortable by not needing to worry about where to sit during a large gathering.

If your home has a patio, pool, balcony, or deck – lure guests outside the home to mingle in that space. Comfortable seating, snack tables, accessible coolers, fun décor, and music are a few ways to ensure guests glide outdoors instead of cramming into a small kitchen or living room.

For overnight houseguests staying at your home, it is important to provide a table or luggage stand in your guestroom for their luggage and bags. Also, make sure they have a place to hang clothes to help prevent wrinkles in their holiday wardrobe.

Finally, in addition to fresh linens and fluffy pillows, make sure there is a cleared nightstand near a charging outlet for your guest to place a phone or personal items. No matter the home size, adding these layers of comfort will help create a welcoming home for the holidays.

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