Get Organized, Home Moving

-Don’t Forget these 4 Moving Tips-

Fall is a season of transitions, and it is a fantastic time to schedule a big move. You can often find more affordable rates for moving services during fall around the Greater Tampa Bay Area.  Also, you can avoid the scorching heat of Florida’s summer months.

While fall may be considered an off-season for moving, it is still a hectic season for many of us, considering the busyness of fall events and holiday planning. To help you plan a seamless transition, we are listing a few often-forgotten but important moving tips.

4 Essentials for Your Fall Move

Remember these items whether you are a snowbird traveling south to your Florida nest, an empty nester transitioning to a new coastal community, a family moving to a new home, or anyone traveling for an extended period of time.

  1. Keep Snacks and Necessities Handy: We often think there will be access to our boxes and packed items, but chaos or delays could put items out of reach for you. For this reason, if your move or travel plans include a car trip or a moving van, make sure you have easily accessible necessities, such as snacks, drinks, books and/or iPads, as well as an overnight bag with clothes, underwear, shoes, toiletries, and other living necessities. If there is room in your vehicle, we also suggest packing an easily accessible cleaning kit with wipes, sprays, soaps, towels, and paper products to have on hand upon arrival at your destination.
  2. Secure Documents and Financials: Be sure to meticulously organize and secure a safe location for all of your important documents, money, and financial matters. You will want to secure and retain everything from your driver’s license, to insurance documents, to agreements and contracts. Consider using an antitheft bag with cut-proof features and locking zippers for carrying documents and financials in a secure place. You may also wear clothing with built-in pockets or choose under-clothing storage accessories to hold credit or debit cards and cash rather than leaving money in an unattended purse.
  3. Carry a Medication Bag: Pack a bag with all of your prescriptions or any vitamins and supplements you take on a regular basis, and know its whereabouts at all times. That way you don’t have to go searching through packed boxes or risk not being able to locate your medications or supplements when it is time to take them. Also, add a first aid kit to the bag for quick access to bandages, salves, pain relievers, and other items.
  4. Refill Prescriptions in Advance: It is also important to get refills in advance of a big move or extended time away from home. If your insurance does not allow advance refills, then be sure to keep the refill order handy with the name and contact information of your doctor and pharmacy.  If you are moving or traveling to a new area, then it would be wise to also research and compile contact information for pharmacies, doctors, and area hospitals in advance of your departure or moving date.
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