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8 Great Gifts for Empty Nesters

-8 Great Gifts for Empty Nesters- If you have empty nesters on your gift list, you have no shortage of great gift options. The Greater Tampa Bay area is home to many singles and couples living in empty nests, and buying for these folks is easy. …
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Don’t Forget these 4 Moving Tips

-Don’t Forget these 4 Moving Tips- Fall is a season of transitions, and it is a fantastic time to schedule a big move. You can often find more affordable rates for moving services during fall around the Greater Tampa Bay Area.  Also, you…
Tampa Real Estate
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Tampa Real Estate Trends for Autumn 2019

-3 Tampa Real Estate Trends for Autumn 2019- The leaves may not be changing colors, but milder temperatures are helping to make it feel like autumn around the Tampa Bay area.  It seems the change of seasons, however, has not cooled the hot…
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5 Ways to Liven Up Your Tampa Home

-5 Ways to Liven Up Your Tampa Home- Cabin fever is spreading across Florida. As the rain and humid weather persists, many of us are spending more time inside our Tampa homes. If you are not enjoying the current vibe of your home’s interior,…
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Tampa’s 3 Hot Real Estate Communities

- Tampa’s 3 Hot Real Estate Communities - As the Greater Tampa Bay Area enters our hottest days of summer, we are highlighting the hottest types of real estate communities around Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties. Tampa Area Benefits…
Moving Tips
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7 Summer Moving Solutions for Tampa Bay

-7 Summer Moving Solutions for Tampa Bay- Moving to a new home can be an overwhelming transition, which is why simplifying the moving process is important.  If you are making a move during the hot summer months in Florida, plenty of preparation…
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3 Essential Pet ID Tips for Floridians  

-3 Essential Pet ID Tips for Floridians-  As Florida’s pet-friendly real estate team, we strive to ensure your beloved pets are safe at home and at play around the Greater Tampa Bay Area neighborhoods. Did you know that the summer months…
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20 Dog-Friendly Spots around Tampa Bay

-20 Dog-Friendly Spots around Tampa Bay- May is National Pet Month, which is a perfect time to celebrate the joys of pet ownership.  There are both psychological and physiological benefits to bonding with a pet. Studies show that petting a…
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Spring Home Buying for Snowbirds

-Spring Home Buying for Snowbirds- Spring is a perfect time for snowbirds and retirees to delight in beautiful weather, partake in bountiful activities, and shop around for their dream home.  While everyone knows Florida is a great place to…
Tampa Pet
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Top 3 Home Solutions for Pet Damage

As we always say, we love our pets.  This love extends even when our pets are not at their best. Cats and dogs can certainly create a mess in our homes, but savvy homeowners know there are preventions and solutions for pet damage -- whether…
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How to Honor Veterans Around Tampa Bay

Special events will take place on November 11 and surrounding days to honor U.S. veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.  In addition to parades, festivals, and ceremonies, several local restaurants, parks, theaters, museums, and…
Halloween Pets Costumes
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Less Stress in Homes with Pets

Did you know pets could help lower your stress levels and ward off depression?  Anyone with a cuddly cat or beloved dog in the family has figured that already, but there are studies confirming the stress-reducing power of pets. Positive…
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How to Enjoy a Sensational Snowbird Life

Snowbirds truly enjoy the best of both worlds.  They delight in pleasant northern summers and reap the vast benefits of Florida the rest of the year.  The Tampa Bay area’s beaches and sunshine attract snowbirds from around the country, which…
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5 Ways to Mark Memorial Day Your Way

As a time of remembrance, Memorial Day has many connotations.  For children, it is often synonymous with outdoor events and splashing in swimming pools. For adults, Memorial Day may be more solemn, as we remember the men and women who died…
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10 Tips for Pet-Perfect Homes

Would you believe there was a time when homeowners wanted to conceal all traces of the pets living in their homes? As pet parents, we are happy to say that pet-friendly environments can actually be a value-added feature of your home.  For example,…