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Fall Real Estate Tips for Tampa Home Selling

Fall Real Estate Tips for Tampa Home Selling

If home selling is in your near future, our Tampa Bay experts have a few fall real estate tips to offer before listing your home.

First, in addition to out-of-state buyers and retirees, our thriving region is attracting new investors in communities across Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties. This means a growing interest in the Tampa Bay market, but there are other factors affecting real estate sales, including national inflation and home insurance rate hikes.

Of course, financial market conditions are out of a seller’s control. The condition of the seller’s home, however, could be optimized to improve the home-selling process.

Home Sales Pre-Planning for Cleaning and Home Maintenance

With recent years of soaring home values around Tampa Bay, it makes sense for investing a few cents into home sales pre-planning for cleaning and home maintenance before posting as available for fall real estate listings.

Financially, some real estate enhancements to prepare for home sales could return a greater profit on the final closing price. That is why we suggest creating a timeline with smart strategies to fix up your home. Florida’s mild weather provides a wonderful setting for accomplishing interior and exterior home maintenance goals. Cleaning and home maintenance are the top two to-dos.

For example, cleanings could include removal of unnecessary things cluttering your home. This can help make a home feel larger with more open spaces. Consider donating unused furniture and clearing out any crammed closets or cabinets. After a home is clean, you could see a clearer picture of home maintenance issues to address.

7 Smart Fix Ups Before Listing Your Home

Next, address those home-repair issues and budget for fix ups needing done before listing your home. It is helpful to be proactive in fixing problems before potential showings or professional home inspections. Certain problems or issues could deter buyers or hold up the sales process for your fall real estate transactions.

In addition to basic to-dos like making sure you have working smoke detectors, here are seven smart things to consider before listing your home:

  1. Update run-down systems or broken appliances.
  2. Repaint interior or exterior areas with fresh paint.
  3. Adjust, seal, or consider updates for windows/doors.
  4. Add new caulk or grout in the kitchen/bath areas.
  5. Fix any fixtures with flaws, cracks, corrosion, or issues.
  6. Complete needed renovations, like new flooring or cabinets.
  7. Hire a professional for roof/plumbing/electrical repairs.

As your Tampa Bay real estate resource, we provide expert booklets with the names of specific service providers recommended by our satisfied customers. These valuable books of insights will help you – before, during, and after your move.

We are excited to help you navigate Tampa Bay’s real estate market.  Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 for advice on downsizing, buying, or selling your home.