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Home Organizing Ideas for 2024

-4 Home Organizing Ideas for 2024-

Is your home ready for 2024? For anyone looking for home organizing ideas, our Tampa Bay real estate team has tips to start the new year. If you are motivated to begin new home projects, now is a great time to set a plan.

Home Projects for National Get Organized Month

This January, celebrate “Get Organized Month” by committing to plans for specific home projects as opposed to broad aspirations you may not complete. Here are four concrete ways to get started:

  1. First, clean and organize drawers, closets, attics, and garages.

Sure, no one likes this one, but experts always suggest starting here. This is where most of your unused items live. Getting rid of clutter that you do not need is the best way to clear space for things you can use. Also, this makes room for better storage and organization.

Also, bring your home organizing ideas into fruition by scheduling specific dates and timeframes for completion. Plan and pre-shop for anything you’ll need for those projects.

This may include storage containers, divider trays, new shelves, special hooks, and labels for organizing.  Most importantly, have specific bins and bags ready to go for items to toss, sell, or donate.

  1. Reorganize spaces and furniture for better flow.

Next, as for other home organizing ideas, think about creating open spaces that are easy to walk through and comfortable for sitting. If you are always stubbing your toe on a bedframe or an accent table is getting in your way, now is a great time to figure out better layouts for flow.

Again, commit to selling or donating bulky items that are adding clutter to your home.  Once you have determined the right pieces to keep, make a floorplan for optimal placement. Measure and try using a mobile app for room design. With an app, you will not have to physically move furniture multiple times. Simply type in your room dimensions and furniture sizes to virtually adjust for the best fit.

  1. Improve operational issues and make any necessary home upgrades.

In terms of home organizing ideas, we cannot underestimate the value of operational efficiency. A faulty dishwasher can result in dishes piling up in a disorganized kitchen. A malfunctioning dryer could leave your closet a mess. Start budgeting and planning for any specific home upgrades. This could help you keep your home clean and organized in the new year.

  1. Organize a 12-month home budget for major purchases.

Finally, whether looking to buy a new home in 2024 or remodeling the kitchen and/or bathrooms in your current home — January is an ideal time to set a home budget for major purchases.

Importantly, list your home organizing ideas in order of greatest importance and determine a 12-month home budget for goals. Ask us about our booklet containing the names of service providers recommended by our satisfied customers across Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties.

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