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As we always say, we love our pets.  This love extends even when our pets are not at their best. Cats and dogs can certainly create a mess in our homes, but savvy homeowners know there are preventions and solutions for pet damage — whether your puppy had an accident or your kitty snagged the carpet. A little patience and elbow grease can go a long way in cleaning up messes, repairing damage, and maintaining a safe and clean home.  Here are a few tips:

#1: Paw Prints and Stain Solutions
No one likes spots on their floors or furniture, which is why your house should never be without stain removing sprays for any situation and every fabric.  For example, if you have a microfiber couch, be sure to have a bottle of fabric-specific spray. Also, remember time is of the essence for promptly removing spots and stains.  To lift a stain, blot DO NOT rub.  Here is a trick for some carpets and washable fabrics: pour white vinegar on the stain, sprinkle baking soda on top, let sit until baking soda absorbs moisture, then vacuum the area to eliminate the mess.
Prevention Tips: Always say “yes” to stain guard when buying furniture or carpet. Also, keep wipes or towels by entrances for quickly cleaning your pet’s feet after a walk or romp outside.

#2: Scratches and Snag Solutions
Carpet snags may be difficult to repair. Cutting a snag down low with a pair of scissors is a quick but sometimes shoddy fix. If you have a keen eye, however, you could use a knitting needle, fondue fork, or screwdriver to pull up the loop that is most closely beside the snagged loop; in turn, you pull down the snag when pulling up the loop beside it.  For scratches on hardwood floors, look for filler sticks and color-marker-like tools at your home supply store to cover up or blend marks and scratches.
Prevention Tips: Many pet owners simply opt for hard-surface floors (non-wood) to avoid snags and scratches. You may protect hardwood floors, carpet, and furnishings in your home by trimming your pet’s nails every few weeks. Use clippers or a rotary tool to file nails. Consult your groomer or veterinary tech for instructions on how to trim your pet’s nails.

#3: Smells and Odor Solutions
Follow our previous tips for spots and stains to quickly clean accidents and messes.  Urine or feces are best cleaned with a product featuring bio-enzymes and odor removal ingredients.  These are available in the pet aisle of most stores.
Prevention Tips: Housetraining and bathing are the two best ways to keep your home free of odors and smells. We often refer customers to veterinary support, books, and articles for litter-box training for cats and outdoor training for puppies.  Also, depending on your pet’s breed, monthly or sometimes weekly bathing may be suggested for maintaining a healthy coat along with a clean home.

Our real estate team is also happy to share names of quality vendors for house cleaning, carpet cleaning, and pet training around the Greater Tampa Bay area.

Whether you and your pets are comfortable in your current home or you are searching for a new home with your furry friend, we hope these pet-friendly tips help you enjoy a happy home. Let us know if you need help selling your property or finding a perfect home to enjoy with your beloved pets. Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen today at 813-294-5786 for more information.