Holiday Tips Homeowners

Homeowners across Florida and the nation are preparing their homes for holiday meals, parties, and house guests. Our dining rooms, kitchens, and guestrooms often see a major increase in activity this time of year, which is why we have compiled a list of holiday tips to help you maintain a happy home during the busy holiday season.

  • Accommodating House Guests: Do some extra planning for house guests. Before they arrive, clean and declutter areas to ensure they will have a comfortable place to sleep, shower, and primp for parties.  Gracious hosts will ensure guests also have clean guest towels, a clear nightstand to rest items, a luggage stand, empty hangers, closet floor space for shoes, and perhaps even some dresser space or a drawer for clothing. This will help ensure your guests maintain a tidy room and will help prevent any overflow of their clutter into your living spaces, which is especially important if you are hosting parties or entertaining during your guest’s visit.
  • Hosting Parties and Dinners: You and your spouse might perfectly fit in your home, but family and friends quickly fill up a space. Be sure to designate areas in your home for guests before guests arrive to create space for everything, including their purses, jackets, plates, glasses, and any gifts they may bring to your home. Rearranging furniture may also help open up areas for guests to move around or relax. In addition, we like the idea of keeping coolers on your Florida patio or deck with ice, soda, and other canned or bottled beverages. This will reduce clutter in your refrigerator and inspire guests to hang outside in the beautiful weather.
  • Holiday Cooking and Cleaning: From Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Eve, your kitchen will see a lot of action. Do your best to keep counters and kitchen tables cleared for cooking, prepping, projects, and snacking.  Now is the time to store away any unnecessary countertop appliances and other items not serving an immediate purpose.  A beautiful planter or knick-knacks might look great, but kitchen space is a hot commodity during the holiday season. You’ll want plenty of room on the counter for decorating cookies or perhaps wrapping presents. Also, when hosting dinners or parties, be sure to pre-cook as much as possible and wash pots, pans, and dishes prior to your guests’ arrivals. Have the majority of the meal prep complete so you can entertain between oven checks in a tidy kitchen.

We hope our holiday tips help you enjoy a joyous holiday season in the Greater Tampa Bay area.  As full-service real estate professionals, we love to know our customers are creating holiday memories in their homes with family and friends.

If you need help finding a new home or selling your current property this holiday season or in the New Year, contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 with any questions.