-3 Tips for a Homey Thanksgiving Setting-

A family dining room is the quintessential setting for Thanksgiving dinner.  Thanksgiving tables are traditionally loaded with potato dishes, stuffing, gravy, turkey, and pumpkin pie, of course.  In addition to all of those comfort foods, it is important to remember that everyone wants to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere. Whether your dining room is large or small, or if your guest list is long or short, here are some event planning tips to create a homey place to dine.

Making Dinner Guests Feel Comfortable in Your Home
  • CREATE COMFORTABLE SPACES: The menu is not the only thing on your list. You’ll need a game plan for guest seating and placement cards, bar areas and beverages, areas for mingling, and a comfy place for sports fans to watch the game.  If necessary, you may want to purchase or rent extra chairs or tables from a Tampa Bay area store or supplier to ensure each guest has a place setting.  For children, consider the traditional kids’ table or the creative option of tossing pillows around a coffee table decked out with holiday dishes and a fun centerpiece. Having a headcount in advance of the day will help you ensure no one feels crowded or out of place.
  • PREPARE A SERENE SETTING: Clutter and debris can make some guests feel uncomfortable. Try to give your home a deep clean several days in advance before you are busy in the kitchen.  Declutter counters, clear away table knickknacks, and create more open spaces and surfaces for guests. If your dining room is small or you do not have one, consider transforming your larger living room into a dining room for the event. In Florida, you could also consider patio dining. Long prior to the big day, you can be rearranging furniture, ironing linens, strategically placing candles, and setting up décor.  Doing these tasks well in advance will ensure you have time to focus on preparing delicious food and entertaining your guests on Turkey Day.
  • BE READY TO WELCOME GUESTS: As much as possible, wash and put away those mixing bowls, store the spices and ingredients, wipe down the counters, and have the kitchen tidied up before the onslaught of guests. Everyone will want to walk through the kitchen to see what is cooking, and it is your glorious casseroles baking, potatoes boiling, and the smell of turkey you want them to notice.  Try to take a few minutes to catch up briefly with guests seeking your attention in between oven checks.  Most important, remember to relax and sit down with your guests to savor the incredible dining experience that you have created.

As real estate professionals, we enjoy helping customers find their perfect home for living, dining, and entertaining.  We hope these tips help you enjoy a homey holiday season around Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties.

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