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10 Outdoor Dining and Décor Ideas

-Outdoor Dining and Décor- Let’s talk about stylish options for outdoor dining at home in Florida. As folks across Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties continue to search for creative ways to entertain ourselves at home, it makes sense…
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3 Tips for a Homey Thanksgiving Setting

-3 Tips for a Homey Thanksgiving Setting- A family dining room is the quintessential setting for Thanksgiving dinner.  Thanksgiving tables are traditionally loaded with potato dishes, stuffing, gravy, turkey, and pumpkin pie, of course. …
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7 Ways to Welcome Guests to an Empty Nest

-7 Ways to Welcome Guests to an Empty Nest- One of the greatest things about an empty nest is finally having more space, including sufficient room for guests.  Whether you have spare rooms in a large Carrollwood home, or that second bedroom…
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Holiday Tips for Happy Homeowners

Homeowners across Florida and the nation are preparing their homes for holiday meals, parties, and house guests. Our dining rooms, kitchens, and guestrooms often see a major increase in activity this time of year, which is why we have compiled…