Pet Dog Tampa

The American Kennel Club has designated the month of September as “Responsible Dog Ownership Month.”  In recognition of this celebration, people and organizations around the U.S. are highlighting the rewards and responsibilities of being pet parents.

As dog and cat enthusiasts serving customers with beloved pets of their own, we’ve compiled a short list of tips for responsible pet parents.

  • Tags and Microchips: Ensuring your dog has proper identification is critical for safety.  Whether your pets have tags on their collar or a microchip, be sure your address and contact information is up-to-date in case your dog gets loose or lost.
  • Supervised Activity: Just as a parent protects their kid, it is up to you to monitor a safe environment for your pet. Dogs are dependent on you for protection. Always ensure there is appropriate fencing or use a leash when taking your dog outdoors.
  • Healthcare and Wellness: Regular veterinary appointments help ensure you are meeting all of your pet’s health needs for essential vaccines and medications. Flea and tick control is also important for homeowners living in the Greater Tampa Bay area.
  • Clean-Up and Hygiene: In addition to house training, it is your job to clean up any waste in public areas. Grooming is also your responsibility. Different animals and breeds require different care.  Seek the advice of a professional groomer or vet.
  • Training and Thoughtfulness: Control behaviors and excessive barking as a consideration for other people and pets in your community. In addition to behavioral training, it is essential to provide your pet outlets to expend energy and reduce anxiety.
  • Food and Fitness: This seems like a no brainer, but proper food and exercise are critical for your dog’s health. Physical activity coupled with a regular food schedule will help your pet feel secure about food supply and daily routines. Ask your vet to provide recommendations for specific pet foods that are best for your dog’s breed, age, and size.
  • Shelter and Comfort: Last but not least, remember it is your responsibility to provide a safe home. Verify areas of your home are accommodating to your pet.  For example, provide designated bedding, age-appropriate toys, slip-proof surfaces, puppy stairs, or ramps in areas to avoid injury.

As your pet-friendly real estate team, we understand over 50 percent of American households have a four-legged member of the family. Chances are their feelings are being considered during a home search. Whether you are listing a property where a pet lives or you are searching for a new home with your furry friends, our real estate team is here to help keep your pets safe and happy during the home buying or home selling process. Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen today at 813-294-5786 for more information.