Tampa Bay Home Life

-6 Inspired Ideas for Tampa Bay Home Life-

Safer-at-home guidelines prompted many homeowners around the Greater Tampa Bay area to re-evaluate their daily needs and surroundings.  According to surveys and reports, an overwhelming majority of homeowners are prioritizing room remodels and design projects to improve their home life.

As real estate professionals, this comes as no surprise, as necessity often sparks inspiration.  For example, due to work-from-home mandates in many workplaces, home-office remodels rose to the top of many to-do lists.  The stress of the pandemic may have also caused some folks to lose sleep, thus, inspiring bedroom remodels for more tranquil, calming environments.

Priority Lists for Tampa Bay Home Renovations, Remodels, and Décor

Whether you are contemplating new décor for your Gulf coast condo, or you are ready for a complete renovation at your Carrollwood home, there are many updates to consider. We encourage homeowners to use these ideas to build a budget and create their own priority list.

  • LIGHTING: New lighting is one of the most effective ways to brighten a home or change the vibe of a space. Depending on how you felt during quarantine, you may need dim mood-lighting for relaxation, lamps for ambiance, or brighter lighting for illumination.
  • PAINT: If boredom is an issue, one of the simplest fixes is to slap on new paint colors. Pantone named classic blue its 2020 color of the year.  Oceanic blues, sandy shades, and warm neutrals are also trending as popular choices this summer.
  • DÉCOR: An easy way to enhance a room is by changing accents and accessories. For summer, consider light fabrics and colors, new lamps, or sheer curtains. Due to more time at home, it may also be time to budget for more comfortable furnishings.
  • WORKSPACE: Working from home requires self-discipline and focus. Create an inviting workspace with color schemes such as orange to ignite creativity or blue to promote communication. In addition to technology upgrades, consider investing in an adjustable desk and ergonomic chair for comfort and for easy set-up during video conferences.
  • LIFESTYLE: Improve your home-life with a room renovation. Perhaps all of those homecooked meals during quarantine reminded you to update the kitchen, or maybe sheltering-in-place shined a light on the necessity of a bathroom remodel.
  • STORAGE: Good storage is essential. If you have identified a need for better storage, create a plan for reorganization.  Focus areas could include items to donate, stuff to sell, ways to reorganize, plus organizing bins or structures for closets, garages, and attics.

This is just the start.  Many Florida homeowners may also want outdoor space improvements, appliance upgrades, or perhaps a new home on their priority lists for a more enjoyable life.

As full-service real estate professionals, we will be happy to align you with Tampa area experts to help you with home projects. If you are ready to move into a new home, looking to invest, or interested in selling your current property, contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786.