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-7 Ways to Welcome Guests to an Empty Nest-

One of the greatest things about an empty nest is finally having more space, including sufficient room for guests.  Whether you have spare rooms in a large Carrollwood home, or that second bedroom in your coastal condominium is collecting dust, here are seven ways to welcome guests while optimizing space in your empty nest.

Guestroom Solutions for Empty Nesters

Our real estate team understands our customers want to create welcoming spaces for visiting children, grandchildren, family members, guests, and long-lost friends. No matter the size of your Florida home, there are simple solutions for maintaining a versatile and gracious guestroom.

  • DESIGN: Create a theme, such as a coastal design or beach-inspired style. Out-of-town guests will love the Florida vibe. If grandchildren often visit, consider a design they’d enjoy.
  • PERSONALIZE: A guest room is the perfect place to display the things you love, such as family heirlooms, photography, or your collection of butterfly knickknacks.
  • CLEAN: In addition to keeping the room dusted, clear a bedside table for guests to rest belongings, and clear floor space (such as in closets) for guests to stow shoes or luggage.
  • DECLUTTER: One of the simplest yet most noticeable solutions is to declutter. In other words, avoid making your spare room a random storage area for items you no longer need.
  • STOCK: Keep items ready for last-minute houseguests. Always have clean bedding and sheets, folded guest towels, and extra rolls of toilet paper in the guest bathroom.
  • ACCOMMODATE: Boost your accommodations with reading materials, empty hangers, a luggage stand, or even dresser space, such as a drawer for your guests’ personal items.
  • OPTIMIZE: Guestrooms can double as a home office or hobby space. Furniture like daybeds, futons, and hideaway murphy beds can conserve space, while folding-shutters or curtains can close-off your desk modules or office areas.

We hope you will use your imagination in creating a relaxing space for yourself and your guests.  There are countless ways for empty nesters to make good use of spare rooms and comfortably enjoy entertaining houseguests.

As full-service real estate professionals, we would be happy to align you with interior designers to help you with a room makeover. If you are ready to move into a new home, looking to invest, or interested in selling your current property, contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786.