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-Top 3 Misconceptions of Downsizing-

The term “growing pains” refers to the difficulties of growing up, but are you afraid of downsizing pains? Due to the misconceptions of downsizing, many adults and seniors delay downsizing or moving to a smaller home because they fear it will be too difficult.

On the contrary, our easy downsizing process was void of any pain and led us to a lighter and happier life.  As downsizers and seasoned pros in Tampa Bay real estate, here are tips to avoid the common misconceptions of downsizing.

  1. Heartache or Emotional Aspects of Downsizing

First, we understand it is not always easy to let go of things.  Coming face-to-face with our emotional attachments to certain items may be painful at first, but there is also great freedom with fewer burdens. Less clutter opens space for your current needs and new opportunities.

Things like clothing, furniture, décor, or appliances you have not used in a long time could be greatly appreciated by people in need. In addition to making donations, you could be giving photos and heirlooms to family members or friends with the space to display and enjoy them.

Trust us, the act of giving and generosity will fill your heart with the greatest of joy.

  1. Financial Strain or Costs of Downsizing

Also, there is a misconception that moving is too expensive. The right moves, however, could put more money in your pocket. We are not just talking about making big profits on the sale of your house or the monthly financial savings you could enjoy with a smaller place.

For example, instead of giving away items you no longer need, think about selling for a profit. Today, selling options extend far beyond a yard sale. Simple smartphone apps and websites like eBay, Craig’s List, and Facebook are all free sales tools at your fingertips.

Of course, we can also put you in touch with local estate-sales pros or auctioneers to handle everything, while you sit back and collect the cash.

  1. Muscle Pain or Physical Tasks for Downsizing

Easily, you could sit back and let the professionals handle the heavy lifting during the entire downsizing process. Getting rid of old stuff, packing, cleaning, moving, and creating a newly organized living space at a new place is all within your reach with the helping hands of others.

Our real estate team specializes in helping Florida seniors, empty nesters, snowbirds, and retirees prepare for downsizing or moving between homes.  We connect our customers with reliable experts in Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties.

Ask us about our booklet containing the names of service providers recommended by our satisfied customers.

We hope these tips help you downsize to the ultimate Florida life. Contact Dick and Karla Nielsen at 813-294-5786 for information about downsizing, buying, selling, and investing.